14-6-0( V-D-E )

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Record: 14-6-0
Résumé: Wrestling, experience

Fighter Info

Surnom: The Punisher
De: Pickering, Ontario Canada
Provenance: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Age: 38
Taille: 6' 0" ( 182 cm )
Poids: 170 livres ( 77 kg )
Université: Brock University
Diplôme: Business Administration


Total de tentatives de frappes
40% réussi
Types de frappes réussies
77% Debout
Défense de frappe
Pourcentage total de frappes évitées


Total de mises au sol
18% réussi
Types de mises au sol réussies
{0}% Soum.
{0}% Passes
{0}% Balayages
Takedown Defense
Pourcentage total de mises au sol évitées
Résultats Combattants Evénement Fr MS Soum. Passe Méthode Revisionner
Sean Pierson juin 15, 2013
36 0 0 0 R3 Decision - Majority
Kenny Robertson 65 1 0 3
Sean Pierson sept. 22, 2012
74 0 0 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Lance Benoist 91 0 0 2
Jake Hecht juin 8, 2012
37 3 0 2 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Sean Pierson 41 1 1 1
Dong Hyun Kim déc. 30, 2011
53 2 0 1 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Sean Pierson 32 0 0 1
Jake Ellenberger avr. 30, 2011
9 1 0 0 R1 KO/TKO
Sean Pierson 3 0 0 0
Matthew Riddle déc. 11, 2010
35 0 1 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Sean Pierson 112 1 1 2


TRAINING:  A typical day of training for me never really changes - morning workout followed by an evening workout of strength and conditioning or grappling. I end the day fending off chokes and low blows from my 4 year old son.

When and why did you start training for fighting?
I don’t really know when I started training for fighting specifically; I joined the wrestling team when I was in Grade 4 and competed all the way through my university and open career.  When I saw UFC 1, which I had rented with friends, I developed a new passion and a dream of one day competing.

What ranks and titles have you held? Multiple Time Canadian National Greco Champion, Canadian University National Freestyle Champion, 7th at the World University Games, UCC World Welter Weight Champion, IFC Canadian Middle Weight Champion.

Do you have any heroes? I know it's cliché but I have to go with my parents, two incredible people that I look up to.  One day I hope to be a great role model to others, as they were to me.

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? I don’t even think that this fully hit me yet; I still remember telling friends after the 1st UFC that I want to compete there.  It’s been a long road but knowing that I have accomplished a goal which was set so long ago is very fulfilling.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

What was your job before you started fighting? I have been working at Dell Computers as an Account Manager for approximately 8 years.

•    Pro since 1999

•    Eight wins by knockout, two by submission – has finished all but three of his victories, with all finishes coming in the first round.

•    Has defeated Fabio Holanda and UFC vet Steve Vigneault (twice – also lost once to Vigneault)

•    Has also faced John Alessio and Jesse Bongfeldt

•    Loss to Ellenberger broke six fight winning streak


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