11-4-1( V-D-E )
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Record: 11-4-1
Résumé: Wrestling/Boxing

Fighter Info

Surnom: The Bohemian
De: Los Angeles, CA USA
Age: 50
Taille: 6' 1" ( 185 cm )
Poids: 225 livres ( 102 kg )


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UFC History

At UFC 21 UFC veteran Tsuyoshi Kohsaka defeated wrestler/boxer Tim Lajcik in an exciting match. Lajcik gave Kohsaka all he could handle for most of two rounds. Lajcik countered Kohsaka's takedowns well. Kohsaka threatened with submissions at least three times but Lajcik was able to get out every time. It kept ending up in Kohsaka's guard and half guard and Lajcik continued to work on Kohsaka with strikes opening up a cut. with about 1:19 left in the second round Kohsaka elevatored Lajcik and started striking from side mount. Kohsaka landed some punches and elbows, one of which nailed Lajcik in the head and knocked him silly. The rounded ended but Lajcik's cornerman Eugene Jackson saw that he was not all there and threw in the towel during the break between rounds. A great win for Tsuyoshi Kohsaka and an impressive debut for Tim Lajcik.

More Information

"I saw him fight in Denver at the Bas Rutten Invitational. I didn't end up fighting due to being sick. I was just there to root on my teammates. He looked impressive there. In his first UFC he went through that guy like shit through a goose. I thought he gave a credible performance against Andre Roberts. People might question his ability to take a punch. I've boxed against guys who are 350 lbs and even when they don't punch with good technique when it lands it's something to deal with. Foe a non-boxer he did okay. It's something I want to exploit. If he knows anything about me I don't think he'll want to go toe to toe with me. From what I've seen of him as a wrestler he seems more like Greco-Roman type where he wants to get chest to chest and work body locks and stuff. He doesn't seem to be a guy to go for double legs and single legs. I'm sure he has them in his arsenal but that doesn't seem to be his bread and butter. If he wants to get chest to chest he's going to have to get through my hands and I think that is to my advantage. If I have my way, I try to box the wrestlers and wrestle the boxers. He's clearly a competent wrestler and he's much bigger than I am. I assume his strength is formidable. I wanna use speed, keep him off with the jab, create angles, that kind of stuff."

OTHER: Tim's MMA record is 11-4-1. A collegiate 2 time All American wrestler and AAU National Champion in wrestling, he also has an 9-1 Amateur boxing record and won a California Golden Gloves title. When he would wrestle an opponent that was better than him he would think, "If only I could punch this guy" and if he was boxing a superior boxer he would think, "If only I could wrestle this guy." MMA allows him to combine the skills of both sports. Tim credits Eugene for getting him into MMA type fights. "It probably would not have come to fruition without Eugene's influence because he's a very ambitious guy. When I get started on something I'm very focused but I don't have the ability to make the connections and stuff that Eugene does so I pretty much hung on to his coattails and followed him around to some of these regional competitions and found my way through it that way." On his nickname "The Bohemian" he says," It has kind of a double connotation. It's an ethnicity but it's also a free spirited type of person." Tim works as a boxing and wrestling trainer in Redwood City. Tim likes to mountain climb in his spare time. Tim says he would have continued fighting against Kohsaka but will never second guess his best friend and cornerman Eugene Jackson. "We have an understanding that in that kind of situation we totally defer to the other person's judgment. If he was in the same situation I might have done the same thing."


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