Chris Curtis - Official UFC® Profile
19-5-0( V-D-E )
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Record: 19-5-0
Résumé: Standup, ground-and-pound, BJJ purple belt

Fighter Info

Surnom: Action-Man
De: Cincinnati, Ohio United States
Provenance: Cincinnati, Ohio United States
Age: 31
Taille: 5' 10" ( 177 cm )
Poids: 170 livres ( 77 kg )


TRAINING: 1-2 training sessions in the morning.  Conditioning 3 days a week in the middle of the day. Mitt work 4 days a week, midday.  1-2 sessions at night.  

When and why did you start training for fighting? Started 11 years ago.  I was bored and needed an outlet.  I always loved to fight. I grew up on Streetfighter, Tekken, and Dragon Ball Z.  These inspired me.

What titles have you held? Rocktagon WW Champion; CES WW Champion; Fight Night WW Champion; Premier MMA Championship WW Champion

Do you have any heroes? Apollo Creed

What would it mean to you to make it to the UFC? It would be the first real step in realizing my dream.  I want to be remembered forever. The UFC is where I can make that happen.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I went to the University of Cincinnati for contractual law.  I decided to pursue fighting full-time instead.  

What was your job before you started fighting? I worked for a video game store.  Adulting is not my strong suit.

Ranks in any martial arts styles: Purple belt in BJJ.

Favorite grappling technique: Punching people in the face.

Favorite Striking technique: Also punching people in the face.

  • Pro since 2009
  • On six fight winning streak
  • Nine wins by KO, one by submission (armbar)
  • Five first round finishes
  • Owns 2017 win over DWTNCS 2 competitor Will Santiago
  • Split two fights with UFC / Strikeforce vet Nah-Shon Burrell
  • Has also faced UFC vets Belal Muhammad and Forrest Petz


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