TUF Heavy Hitters Blog: Marciea Allen Part 2

In preparation for Pannie’s fight, we did an extensive amount of drills with coach T, and with Pannie being an extremely technical fighter, that also assisted me in preparation for my fight.

We also had the opportunity of running wind sprints every Saturday in hot ass Las Vegas with 100+ degree weather. It really tested our well-being both physically and emotionally. But I must admit that sprints are right up my alley, having run track for many years. So I thoroughly enjoyed it and I led by example on each sprint at the front of the line.

On another note, Pannie losing her tooth was pretty scary, but it was humorous later on and we had some laughs about it.

Of course, Justin throwing up was not fun to witness, but it taught us all a lesson that the training we were doing was no joke, and it was a reality check to anyone thinking otherwise.

But I commend the coaches for their work ethic in making us better fighters. I tip my hat off to each and every one of them.


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