Jon Jones Can't Win Against His Older Brother

Arthur Jones claims he can whip his UFC champion brother’s butt
By: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports
"New Colts defensive end Arthur Jones would like to send a message to opposing offensive linemen: You wouldn't want to start a fight with him.

"At his introductory press conference in Indianapolis, Jones claimed that he can beat up his little brother. And for those of you who are thinking, “I can beat up my little brother, too,” remember that Jones’s little brother is Jon Jones, the light heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“'On record, and you can tell him that, too, I’ll whoop his butt, and it’s no secret,” Jones said. “If you look at articles out there, he’ll tell you, me being the older brother, I’ve never lost a fight to him. Our last fight was probably maybe a year or two ago, but I’ve never lost a fight.'”

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