Tweets of the Week - 8/9

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, and the list of UFC fighters to keep up with these guys and gals. 
Greetings and Salutations
Good morning people. -Phil Davis ‏

Hope you all are having a great day so far  -Jon Bones Jones ‏

Well hello there Twitter friends. -Stipe Miocic ‏

Nostalgic Mitch
Anyone else wish there were new episodes of Night Court out?

I wish I still had my Super Nintendo hooked up, needs to play me some Donkey Kong Country

The amount of lyrics I know from Kris Kross's "Jump" is alarming  -Mitch Clarke ‏

Classy-Weird. Tomato-Tomahto
Burped in the car , I was the only one in the car and I still said "excuse me" . I'm such a classy broad!  -Derek Brunson ‏

Problem Solved!
I'm having a serious craving for pizza right now! Ugh -Jamie Varner ‏

I'm making some pizza come down for a slice  -Roland Delorme

Hello, Kitties
That triangle choked out my cat. - Scott Jorgensen, watching Moraes vs. Magny at UFC 163

Lil BANG is the cat whisperer. 3 stray cats followed us. -Duane Ludwig ‏

Well. Happy cat day anyway. I'm going to bed. -Julie Kedzie

Beard are the New Mohawks in MMA
This beard is starting to look like a mane lol. Wait til fight night on Sept 4th. @ufc @Torque1net #teamBrutal  -Johnny Bedford ‏

Sweet Sweater
My Mr. Rogers impersonation was MONEY back in the day #TBT  -Kenny Florian ‏

Typical Shanky
Should I drink it? -Daron Cruickshank ‏

Can He Do That? Don’t Risk it.
If you tried to call me from an "Unknown" phone number, I might blow your phone up from this end. -Tim Kennedy ‏

We’re Out of Funky Stuff. How ‘bout Groovy Stuff?
Gimmie that stuff that funk that sweet that funky stuff -Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Uncle Creepy and Uncle ChaCha!
@sonnench thanks for the love pal. We need to get dinner soon. Made date ; ) -Ian McCall ‏

Fighters Against Narcissism


Le mi-moyen Matt Brown affrontera Robbie Lawler à l'UFC Fight Night à San Jose au cours d'un combat épique où sera disputé un laisser-passer pour affronter le champion des poids mi-moyens de l'UFC, Johny Hendricks.
22 juil. 2014
Le poids léger Daron Cruickshank parle de fantômes, de sa vie de meneur de claque et de son rapport avec la plupart des sports. Voyez "The Detroit Superstar" affronter le No. 14 Jorge Masvidal à l'événement Fight Night : Lawler vs Brown.
22 juil. 2014
Josh Thomson a ébranlé Nate Diaz d'un coup de pied à la tête avant de le finir par une kyrielle de coups de poing et coups de marteau pour ainsi remporter la victoire par KO. Voyez maintenant Thomson affronter Bobby Green à l'UFC Fight Night San Jose.
22 juil. 2014
Le poids mi-moyens "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler a tout donné contre le vétéran de l'UFC, Bobby Voelker, et a remporté sa 18ème victoire par KO en carrière. Ne manquez pas l'UFC Fight Night San Jose afin de voir Lawler affronter Matt Brown.
21 juil. 2014