Patrick Cummins - Official UFC® Fighter Profile
10-4-0( V-D-E )
Current Rank: #11 Light Heavyweight
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Record: 10-4-0
Résumé: Strength, cardio, mental toughness

Fighter Info

Surnom: Durkin
De: Doylestown, Pennsylvania United States
Provenance: Boca Raton, Florida United States
Age: 37
Taille: 6' 2" ( 187 cm )
Poids: 205 livres ( 93 kg )
Reach 76"
Leg Reach 43"
Université: Penn State University
Diplôme: Bachelor of Fine Arts


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TRAINING: This is my second time doing a camp down in South Florida and things are really clicking for me here. Neil Melanson has been a huge help in every way for this fight. He's an amazing ground guy but he knows everything MMA, so he's been my head coach down here and it's working out really well. 
Thoughts on opponent, Gian Villante? Villante is a tough guy. He has some dangerous standup, but he knows how to wrestle / grapple too. I want to be patient and wear him down, test his cardio and eventually make him quit.
When and why did you start training for fighting? Five years ago - after one training session I knew I could be good.

What ranks and titles have you held? None

Do you have any heroes? My college ceramics professor.

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? As an athlete I'm only interested in testing myself against the best. I couldn't be happier for the opportunity.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? Penn State. Bachelor of Fine Arts

What was your job before you started fighting? Drive Thru window attendant.
Specific accomplishments in amateur competition? Two-time All-American and two-time US National team member

Favorite grappling technique: Double leg

Favorite striking technique: G&P
• Pro since 2010

• Four wins by KO, two by submission (guillotine, arm triangle) – has finished all but two of his wins

• Wrestled Daniel Cormier at the 2007 Dave Schultz International Open – lost by decision in the quarterfinals. Trained with Cormier when the two were on the National team together.

• 2004 NCAA runner-up

• Walk-on at Penn State

• Was senior at Penn State when UFC contender Phil Davis was a redshirt freshman

• Durkin is Cummins’ middle name


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